Gets you unexpectedly – is the best way to describe ‘Balance’, coming from the Lithuanian talent Few Nolder. This track that astounds with a masterful meltdown of basslines, but mostly that sneaky excellent break, and to our view, is very likely to go down straight into those peak-of-the-night moments. It certainly rounds up this year with an explosive finishing.

Producing music for over a decade, Few Nolder has been steadily growing his international recognition, releasing on Planet MU, Ghostly International, Connaisseur Recordings and Needwant Recordings. However even closely following the development of his sound, it is obvious ‘Balance’ sounds like nothing he has been done before and could have easily landed on any major label.

The track was released as one third part of the Ace of Space EP on the label Sodai (Lithuanian for “gardens”) – a personal label of another Lithuanian peer Gardens Of God. The latter has been steadily making its name under Maceo Plex’s label Ellum label and his Mosaic nights. Coming with three distinct tracks, the EP is “a unique blend of innovative melodies based on solid groove and big spaces” as Linas (a.k.a. described to DHA). Thus before the big day of the release, we had a mail connection with Linas to comment on his EP and today’s premiere:

Ace of Space EP comes out December 16th in both vinyl and digital.

What have you been up to lately?
2016 has been a very productive year. I have been searching for the future sound of Few Nolder and testing lots of new music. I’ve also been involved in some songwriting and ghosting which overall enriched me with fresh ideas without the boundaries of styles.

What was the inspiration behind it?
My usual inspiration is to make each and every new track sound fresh and original. I try to evolve my sound further and fully express my ever changing vision of club music. My goal with this EP is unique blend of innovative melodies based on solid groove and big spaces.

Which elements of the track would you highlight?
It is actually called ‘Balance’ because of the balance between hypnotising single note bass line and that woodpecker melody at the breakdown. The listener is notified about the big part when the note shifts lower and it gets moodier after the intro. Then another bass line comes drilling in, supported by long tail percussions which add the power to the whole package. It is that balanced contrast between the clean and dirty parts that is most impressive.

As the year is coming to an end would you share the highlights of your 2016?
I did a remix for Tycho on Ghostly and was invited to San Fransisco to play at his Day & Night party show supporting his ‘Awake’ album. The remix itself was a nice surprise as it was my first track to reach 1 million plays on Spotify. I was also lucky enough to be invited to play at Space Ibiza on one of Carl Cox’s legendary and final Tuesday nights.

What are you up to coming into the next year?
Many positive changes coming my way and I am very excited to enter 2017. Lots of original production, new collaborations, new visuals for live set. At the end, It is all about making loads of great music and delivering the best experience to the dance floor and my fans!

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