DJs are a nomadic people, the Bohemians of the 21st Century, or as Britta Arnold, unders and Noraj Cue would call them for their just launched imprint: Happy Campers.

Here, the debut release on Happy Camper Records comes from Noraj Cue himself. Known for his impeccable productions on labels like Manual Music, Connaisseur, Blabla, the Dutchman has a style both emotional and technical. With ‘Story At The Campfire,’ he provides a nocturnal journey through dreamy pads, mesmerizing arpeggios and captivating sound textures.

On today’s exclusive premiere, Katerblau residents Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder transform the original into a hazy journey of their own, bound to set even the coldest of dance floors ablaze.

The package also features remixes from Be Svendsen, as well as ACHT head honcho LetKolben.

“Story At The Campfire” is available 19 January on Happy Camper Records PRE ORDER

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