Having caught the vinyl virus at a quite early age Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B is one of these types which have been growing up in recordstores rather than in local playgrounds, preferring backspins to backflips and scratched records to grazed legs.

Listening to his releases throughout the last years it becomes evident that SHOW-B’s vision on House is about to stand the test of time. He’s able to fuse classic elements, crisp kick drums and motor city references with a warm, contemporary twist, serving a timeless menu for musical afficionados and DJ’s alike.

Today, Mathias brings one of two remixes for RePublik Recording‘s Patlac. The Polished version is exactly as described. It takes many of the elements from both the original and raw version and tidies them into a neat little package. While he’s cleaned up the drums and the rhythm, he’s also created space to add a few melodic elements which help swing this version into all more tenser affair once again ending with a massive hands-in-the-air moment.

“Velox” is available soon on RePublik Music Recordings

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