Today we’re presenting you with a full slice from the upcoming “The Filmmaker EP”, a new work by talented Madrid based producers Problem Makers. It is to be the second release of this formation in 2015. The three originals are supported with re-interpretations by David Granha, Pete Oak and Krink. 

‘Gaia’ refers to the force that keeps the natural balance, and is meant as an “ode to nature”. The release is rounded up by the energetic remix of Pete Oak (Suara / Parquet), a melodic bomb with the timer set up to explode right at peak-time.

Three in the studio, two in the dj booth. Madrid born and raised trio “Problem Makers” feel comfortable digging into dark melodies, deep neat blackness. After their residency at ‘Blackout’, one of the most successful clubs in Madrid’s techno scene, Problem Makers decided to focus on studio production. As a result, their first single called ‘Nyx’ was released on ‘Animal Series 010’. Follow up was ‘Die Leere’ (Feb.2015), which got released on Barcelona-based label ‘NoStyleIsStyle’, remixed by Ryan Davis and Undo. A four track musical adventure very well received by electronic music press such as Dj Mag, Vicious Magazine, Clubbingspain, Beatburguer, Vintech Magazine.

Pete Oak’s first release in late 2012 have set things in motion, taking him to New York, Miami, Johannesburg, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Moscow. Recently, Pete has started his own label, Blindfold Recordings, with the agenda of releasing music that defines his own personal taste.

The Filmmaker EP will be released the 28th of December, on Univack Records.

Problem Makers  Pete Oak