Pyrame is releasing 4 remixes on his very own label Thisbe Recordings with his newest EP: ”The Pace of Everything that Lives”.

With Radial Gaze, Days of Being Wild, Local Suicide and Skelesys all chiming in on the tracklist, be prepared for some dark and intense grooving to come out of this one. Combining the elements of disco, rock, industrial, and techno, these pioneering producers all have their unique ways of approaching Pyrame’s passionate themes of relationships, freedom, life, and love.

Kicking it off is the St Petersburg duo Andrey & Stas, better known as Radial Gaze. Their remix of Colours (à l’infini) is an impressive trance inducing take on an already standout track. Keeping the boldness and brightness of the original, Radial Gaze’s recognisable tribal touch complements the existing exploration of instruments and drum patterns perfectly. The tribal beats combined with echoed voices and clanging instruments, really build tension in a celebration of euphoria, colours, and experience. Keeping the eeriness but stripping it down into a more natural existence, the track Pyrame depicted as a dark and twisted love story, now evolves into a human ritual of joy. The disco synths, techno rhythms, and post-punk flavour really make this an exploration of the original track. Every avenue they could have taken, they’ve taken it, making this a really attention-grabbing remix.

Next up are the French producers Franz Kirmann and Sam Berdah, behind the Days of Being Wild label, with their remix of The Pace of Everything that Lives. The two have taken this sombre and emotional track and given it a groovy and industrial paint job. Really embracing the oriental elements that Pyrame originally included, yet kicking it up a notch, they’ve almost changed the format completely with distorted mechanical synths that oscillate and vibrate, deciding to continuously layer these over the top of one another. Progressing further into the track, the producers known for creating “slightly deranged club music”, have kept the angelic euphoria from the original, but decided to isolate the voice during the breakdown to give you a taste of the enchanting world from beyond, as it effectively fills the track with a spooky and tension filled aura. A really interesting disco-noir approach to a progressive track.

Local Suicide, the Greco-German duo known for their EBM approach to producing, have reworked Pyrame’s The Fine Line Between Us into a chugger of a track. Taking the already new-wave vibe of the original, but adding a sprinkle of acid influences, the sound styles instantly complement each other as they create a symbiotic relationship between Pyrame and Local Suicide’s sound. As a track with already stand-out vocals that emphasise the to and fro conversation between lovers, Local Suicide embed their signature vocals to the mix, intensifying the passion that we feel from the two protagonists. Keeping the tension and textures thick, it becomes reminiscent of the new order age. The squelching melody and synth-wave baselines transform it into a more intense relationship story, purposefully derailing and becoming darker in tone towards the end. This remix by the infamous duo is a club friendly banger, so get ready for it to knock your socks off.

As one to watch the Argentinian born Skelesys brings us his remix of Drifting-off-the-Grid. Recognisable for his other-worldly releases on rock and roll driven label Ombra International, he instantly hits us with his skeletal slapping kick drum and overall haunting vibe; turning a synth-pop dance track into a dark techno experience. Keeping the message intact as it explores the (this time obscure) journey towards transitioning into a liberated and bold way of life, Skelesys’ self-proclaimed influences from science fiction and punk movements, in both music and film, take centre stage in his manipulation of this track. Taking these influences using the industrial and gritty effects of haunting melodies, rolling drums, and shooting synths – he seamlessly infuses his production with dystopian and futuristic energy.

Taking an originally deep and nostalgic EP, Pyrame’s selection of artists mold the tracks into dance persuading and club-ready beats. While each artist presents their take on the disco-techno sound, each does so in complex and unique ways; giving a well-roundedness yet toe tingling feel to EP.

The Remix EP of The Pace of Everything that Lives is set to be released on both Vinyl and Digital, on October 16th via Thisbe Recordings.

Pyrame – The Fine Line Between Us (Local Suicide Remix) [Thisbe Recordings]
Release Date: 16-10-2020 // Buy here