Premiering exclusively on DHA is Ryan Davis, a Berlin-based artist focused on creating tracks for the soulful hearts on the dance-floors. This remix comes as part of the London-based artist Revell’s Absurdum EP, which is being released by newly emerging label – Clouds Above.

Since 2006, Ryan has released on internationally recognized labels such as Traumschallplatten, Areal, Bedrock, Last Night on Earth, Anjuna Deep, and Manual, as well as his self-founded labels Back Home and Klangwelt. He is known for his remixes with several well-known artists, which include Sasha, Dominik Eulberg, Pig & Dan, Luis Junior, and Olafur Arnalds.

Alongside his work, he’s been recognized and showcased by artists such as Boys Noise, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode who included his music in the pre-program of “The Sound of The Universe” Tour, and constant chartings by Dominik Eulberg, Stephan Bodzin, Digweed, Cattaneo, and Max Cooper, and many other big names around the globe.

Revell‘s Absurdum EP, which includes remixes by both Ryan Davis and Dead-tones will be available via Clouds Above from April 11th.

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