Roliva & Fausto, both producers coming from Culiacán (the infamous “El Chapo” hometown in the north of Mexico) team up for a wild and vicious theme inspired by artificial human extensions for the always delivering DURO label. 

Prótesis” refers to all these new technologies and mobile devices that have become an extension of our person, sometimes even part of our body, just like a prosthesis, and his absence feels strange, that strange feeling when you’ve lost your phone or valuable information” mentions the duo.

Russian brothers Simple Symmetry deliver a stripped down club version, where every element needed to make the dancefloor explode is kept and maximized.

Roliva & Fausto – Prótesis EP [Duro]
1. Roliva & Fausto – Prótesis (Original Mix)
2. Roliva & Fausto – Prótesis (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Release Date: 21-02-2020 // Pre-order here

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