In March this year, Christian Löffler released Lys, an album recorded and compiled in the serenity of his home studio. Christian now invites German electro veteran, Roman Flügel to add his own colours to Lys’ track Bergen.

While produced within four walls, Lys’ grounding comes from what lies beyond them: light. What unifies these songs is the process behind them. Waking up early, Löffler would head for a run in the nearby woodlands before settling in his studio. He’d cast his mind back to the early morning and reflect on how the light had changed, marking the passing of time during the day, the passing of seasons in a year, and the constant change of everything there is. Christian would observe how the light would trickle into his studio, in between the leaves from the trees just outside, casting shadows on his instruments and paintings, giving colour to his world. Inspired by the inherent beauty of this process, he found himself painting these patterns and then communicating his feelings in his music.

A natural calmness and luminance pervade Löffler’s track, one which Roman Flügel was keen to preserve in his remix, all the while speeding up the overall tempo of the piece.

“I hear a lot of different textures in Christian’s music. Many of them I’d describe as tender, fine and delicate. The same you can say about his track Bergen which I was asked to put my hands on. I didn’t want to turn his music into something completely new. Instead, I’ve tried to carefully add a few of my own textures, mainly coming from analog synthesizers and 70’s drum machines, into his original arrangement to merge the best of two worlds.” – Roman Flügel

Active since the early 1990’s, Roman Flügel is a musical chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/IDM to house, techno, electro, and leftfield. Be it playing solo or with his longtime partner Jorn Elling Wuttke, Flügel is known for being able to set any auditorium in the world on fire with his live sets. His influences and style are both rich and versatile, spanning everything from bleeping house or quirky techno over to more introspective and reflective moods.

“With Flügel as a remixer, a great wish came true for me. The track “Rocker” was one of the pieces that sparked my love for electronic music forever. His music has been with me since I was a teenager and I think he’s one of the best DJs ever.” – Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler – Bergen (Roman Flügel Remix) is out now // Buy