Rose Ringed is back with hyper energized EP Broken Belief with a new dimension Out December 10th on his Closed Eyes Recordings label

Rose Ringed returns with a new ultra-high energy, upbeat EP on his imprint Closed Eyes Recordings, but this time packing a more spiritual punch. Broken Belief will dance your feet bare and have your hands in the air, while brilliantly examining the conflict of free will with religious belief. Have faith – the Amsterdammer multi-instrumentalist DJ/producer can do it, while adding a few extra zeros-worth of new disciples to his massive streaming stats.

The 3 tracks chart the struggle between the sacred and the secular, using not only his signature genre-busting, hyperspeed euphoric style, but also the powerful sounds of choral vocals and thunderous organ notes. There is a clear progression through the EP.

Lost Religion: stunning choral notes open before fast, madly dancey note progressions and bags of slap-happy beats build compulsively to a breakdown of angelic voices, as spirit and free will ecstatically fight it out. ‘The first *me I played it live it amazed me how people reacted. The big break makes everyone wonder what’s to come, then when the main hook comes back in everyone is feeling the tension, the drop into the heavy subbase and steady groove makes everyone fist pump like a madman every *me I play it.’

Leap of Faith: the choir start strong, deep and portentous with a heavy drum beat, before frenetic, insanely fast 80s electronica kicks down the doors. Breakdown brings back the voices and organ, before the synths start to really sing, with a joyful, high note melody like an electronic vox humana. ‘Every *me the big break with the organ chords comes in people lose it! A perfect track to enter the night. We take these leaps of faith to fulfill our dreams, to give us purpose.’

Where Have You Been: drum and hi-hat at breakneck speed with buzzing synths and bass hit us first, the choral voices now fully synthesised into glorious harmony. ‘The silence before the big synth drop has everyone screaming and cheering. When the drop hits you can actually hear people say: “WOWW”. I just can’t control myself puJng my hands in the air throughout this track!’

And neither will you – believe!

Rose Ringed – Broken Belief [ClosedEyesRecordings]
A1] Rose Ringed Lost Religion
A2] Rose Ringed – Leap Of Faith
A3] Rose Ringed – Where Have You Been

Release Date: 10-12-2021 // Buy here