Rose Ringed 11th EP already on Closed Eyes Recordings. ‘In Times of Disbelief’ EP contains 3 signature high energy tracks from the Amsterdam producer.

The overall concept of this EP named “In Times of Disbelief” is inspired by the incredible changes in the world of the last months. People are fearful, governments are in crisis and the world has come to a stop, all these changes feel surreal and put many people in a state of distrust. The tracks are the base of these feelings and concepts.

The first track named “Out of Sync” follows a strong arpeggiated mono synth line which goes in and out of sync constantly. The track follows a steady groove and gets opened in the big break down by an 8 chord progression leading into a big euphoric synth space. Then followed by a big unison polysynth which almost sounds like a guitar, playing an arp which is also changing in speed and synchronization. Then finally gets back to the main groove and follows this on steadily.

The second track named: “What are you waiting for” is just like the first track along, emotive techno track which moves from a strong and powerful beat to emotive chord progressions. The overall slow buildup and repetitive melody make this something special, which could be lifting a room of dancers to a new level. A perfect closing set end track as Rose would call it.

The Third track named “Lies” is somewhat slower on the energy and induces a darker feeling. The piano chords give the track rose’s signature. The track slowly builds to a climax where the synth line changes to some sort of Arabic tone ladder. The heavy low end of this track gives you that “oomph” feeling we all like so much in Techno.

Rose Ringed – In Times of Disbelief EP [Closed Eyes Recordings]
1. Out of Sync
2. What Are you Waiting For
3. Lies
Release Date: 03-12-2020 | Buy