Rose Ringed EP17

Rose is back with a new EP on his label Closed Eyes Recordings. With three intense tracks which travel from dark to uplifting melodic techno. The EP’s story is about our society slowly becoming more and more focused on the individual which makes people more insecure, stressed, and in need of some kind of savior.

The first track named Relieve me has a strong bottom end and a vocal that preaches in Latin. The track has a dark feeling with a strong aggressive mid lead sound which catches your attention immediately. Rose: “When I played this the first time I was amazed by the crowd’s reaction to the breakdown, originally it did not have the Latin speaking preacher in there but to me, the track missed something to tell the story. When I added that Latin speaking vocal back in the studio the track finally came together”

The second track named Save me was produced most recently and starts with an addictive tom groove leading up to a big Reese base and stabbed chords that instantly lift your mood. The big breakdown is a true classic rose-ringed hands in the air moment, the beautiful chord progression takes you into a new dimension before the hook hits again. Rose: “This track was inspired by the tendency that people can have of needing something external to make oneself happy or healed again, I played it at marktkantine and noticed how it changes the mood to a more open and euphoric mood when I play it.

The last track named Help me is truly one of a kind, it doesn’t follow one key but changes the whole key up and down. It leaves you with a feeling of constant tension which never seems to resolve. The enormous stabs and strings make this a perfect big room festival track. Rose: “This one came together in a very creative way of arranging, I had all clips lined up and came up with the idea to change the pitch of all the instruments – except the drums – during my live arrangement. You can see the original recording moment on my Instagram reels. The track was inspired by the feeling of being chased by troubles and the urge for it to end.”


Rose Ringed – Relieve me [Closed Eyes Recordings]
A1] Relieve Me
Release Date: 25-03-2022 // Buy here


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