Extravaganza Records welcomes back Italian producer Sam Halvag with his Alignment EP, this time backed with an a remix feature from Innervisions artist Peter Pardeike.

Born in Cologne and raised near Frankfurt, Peter Pardeike discovered his passion for music and design at a very early age. He grew up influenced by eighties electro and funk. After experiencing a set from Jeff Mills in the early nineties he took up DJing and producing.

After leaving his design company, the question arose what he would be doing next. By that time, he already started to collaborate with Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull, with whom he produced the track “Salam” on Marcus Worgulls “Muwekma EP” Innervisions, released in late 2012. The collaboration became even more fruitful on their second release “Lenoix EP”, which also came out on the Berlin label.

Sam Halvag’s Alignment EP is released on Extravaganza on November 23. 

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