Buenos Aires’ Santiago Garcia joins Upercent in his native Valencia, candidly integrating their own unique approaches to music and harmonizing artistries to render an unpretentious glimpse into the process of building a home, both literally and figuratively.

Unveiling the birth of their new label, Interpret, the talented DJ/Producers draw on their personal and artistic connection, versatility on and off decks, and penchant for metaphors to foster a safe space for interpretation and canvas for symphonic expression. INT01 is storytelling in its fine, sincere, and genuine form, segmented into four distinctive and equally compelling tracks that naturally occurred upon graciously pushing sounds and nurturing instincts.

Discontrol starts off with a sprightly rhythm, restless bassline, warm claps, and mischief, emitting anxiety and exhilaration at the same time. Saturating aural space with industrial groove, rock chic, and grungy distortions, Discontrol diffuses busyness through trippy vibrations, moist curls, and locomotive riffs, converging human and machine in deft arrangements that delineate music from mere noise. Bonaire is a gateway to a kaleidoscope of curious landscapes and labyrinths of seductive harmonies careened by sweeping melodies and polyphonic collisions that replicate and gratify incessantly. A suave Spanish infused lament cascades over the title track, seeping into its intricacies, and like “bon aire”, it is persuading and pervasive not just of the body, but right through the soul.

Over on the flip side, Sowell teems with gusto from the get-go as robust bass and bright-pitched percussion usher in wistful piano chords through a luminous climax. The affecting quiver over this dashing 7:08 minute electronic ballad and its dauntless vibrations penetrate deeper as the enigmatic gender-neutral – or universal rather, vocals vindicate higher. All is, so well. Moqueta, boasts a fetching hook, effusive recoils, harrowing synth elongations, and a climactic drop that feeds euphoric dreams. Adrenaline rides high in this finale fueling victorious ambitions with playful rebellion – just what it takes for an iconic dance track to sound even better with time running up and down the stairways of motion nirvana.

Carrer Bonaire EP is a mosaic of sounds traversing an infinite spectrum of emotions, handwoven by Interpret masterminds, Upercent and Santiago Garcia, with meticulous detail and quintessence through to the EP’s finish. But not to fret, Interpret is not only off to a good start. The label is here to stay, til imaginations run dry.

Upercent, Santiago Garcia – Carrer Bonaire EP 
1. Discontrol
2. Bonaire
3. Sowell
4. Moqueta
Release Date: 13-11-2020 // Buy here