Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb are strong believers that in order to move forward and to gain presence in the future the past is at the forefront of this transition. Today we premiere a mellow sense of after-hours euphoria with their track Ribolla from their alias SBTH.

Lossless is back with its eleventh release this November with the EP ‘Ribolla‘. The duo have come together to curate a melodic distinction in dance music today. With the title track ‘Ribolla’ focusing on the sentimental history of house music whilst evoking an innovative futuristic feel, “sprinkled with just the right touch of Italo glam while being so cosmic and hypnotic that it pulls you into a vortex” – as they describe it.

SBTH‘s refined visionary and purpose behind their music is deeply embedded in all their productions and is reciprocated by the host label. Established back in 2014, Lossless was created by the pair in order to create a platform designed only for creating new sound and diversifying dance music; out with the old and in with the new. The label has not only achieved this but continued to promote and engrain it in to their foundations exhibiting productions from Georges Patrice, Neil Flynn, Love Over Entropy.

Part 1  behind SBTH and also Lossless is Mathias Schober, a mysterious man who hides behind a number of different alias: SHOW-B, SB, and also half of Pattern Select. Part 2 is Thomas Herb, an equally talented being who has many of the world’s best clubs ticked off of the list: Watergate (Berlin), Lola (Shanghai) and out very own Strafwerk. The two combine their talents to showcase a unique slow-burner today. The track really emanates a hypnotic repetition that climbs to an extraterrestrial height.

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