London-centric beatmakers Silk 86 and Blamma! Blamma! go back to back on a project via Emotive Records – launching off the label’s first edition.

Composed of Finn Casey and Thomas L, Silk 86 kick off this new joint venture with a limited edition vinyl press. Having cut their teeth over the last decade DJing, promoting and being intoxicated in the metamorphic underground scene of East London, these Londoners remain resolute in disregarding genres in favour of incorporating their eclectic musical backgrounds. Blamma! Blamma! have a history of making deep, disco-fied tracks and remixes with releases on labels including Eskimo, Deleted, Kitsune and The Walls Have Ears. In a neat twist, Finn Casey also comprises one half of Blamma! Blamma! – the other member being London to Brooklyn exile Nick DC (both pictured here)who helps run Emotive Records along with Finn and Tom L.

Never Think‘ sets the tone for which the title stands – a steamy, muted club disco cut with subterranean basslines, filtered vocal samples, and a layer of classy percussion which rides over the top – free in style. The record’s classic house aesthetics have already received praise from key figures such as the one and only Laurent Garnier, Studio Barnhus’s Axel Boman, French electronica chess-master Agoria, and Brooklyn house-scene don Jacques Renault.

You can pick up the record now on the Phonica webshop.

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