It’s been a year since the Adana Twins unveiled the first Spektrum compilation on their highly-regarded TAU label, now they’re back with the second bumper installment.

The guys have been hard at work A&Ring brand new music for this mammoth collection featuring 16 very special cuts from an array of artists, friends, and family connected to TAU, all of whom embody the label’s emotive, forward-thinking ethos. Since TAU launched, it has established a strong identity focused on delivering emotion to the dance floor through compelling, often hypnotic, productions that incorporate elements of new wave, house, and techno to present a distinct audio aesthetic. The Adana Twins have assembled a talented collective of artists around the label, each one bringing their own voice to the platform and elevating the energy of dance floors across the world…

From VA, we have picked Skatman’s ‘Neo’ to premiere, as he serves us a slice of future funk. Get ready to lose yourself in the groovy b-line and acid flecks as we’re transported into the cosmos where unexplored terrain and unknown beings tempt us to escape life on Earth.

And there it is, 16 impeccable cuts from the second Spektrum Various Artists compilation, as TAU further cements its untainted reputation for emotive dance floor music of the highest quality… For now enjoy Skatman’s ‘Neo’ and look out for the other tracks to be released this Friday.

VA Spektrum 2 [TAU]
01. Underspreche – My Beloved
02. Adana-Twins – Room II
03. INVŌKER – Tōkyō
04. Radeckt – Ways Of Evolution
05. Enzo Elia – Pensees
06. Ruede Hagelstein – Aschera
07. Th3 Oth3r & Luke Garcia – Übermut
08. Goom Gum – Flora
09. Ede – Vertikal
10. Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Technician
11. Iñigo Vontier – Cougars & Drums
12. Skatman – Neo
13. The Organism – Serotonin
14. KID SIMIUS – Ford Granada
15. Biesmans – Wild Wild World
16. Echonomist – 16 Days
Release Date: 05-06-2020 // Buy Here

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