Berlin’s Mathias Schober is a man of a thousand disguises, whether releasing music under his own name or one of a seemingly endless number of aliases (Show B and SB to name a few).

Featured here on DHA many times in the past, Mathias’ music continues to find itself in the boxes of the scene’s most esteemed – Sven Vath, Dixon, Mano le Tough, etc.

See also: DHA Mix #237 By Mathias Schober

Here, the Lossless boss, delivers the first of two Chapter 24 Records “Jalemba” package remixes with this one being a headlining peak time affair coming in the form of “Rhythm Sequence”. The entire “Jalemba” package, which comes from the talented collaboration between Stevie R, Delfin, and Greg Rawson, also includes reworks by Innervisions favorite Rancido and talented newcomer Juan.

“Jalemba” is available 7 July on Chapter 24 Records. PRE ORDER

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