Premiering on DHA is Stimming – a skilled producer and live performer at large-scale festivals, intimate club settings, and 4D soundsystems in every inhabited continent.

Stimming acquired a grip for music at an early age, picking up violin, piano and drums at the age of 10 and later moving on to computer production at the age of 16. He met Solomun and Adriano when he first moved to Hamburg, and started to release on Diynamic when it began in 2006. Thereafter, he released his first LP, ‘Reflections’ on the imprint in 2009, followed by 2011’s ‘Liquorice’ and the self-titled ‘Stimming’ in 2013.  Such is his devotion to his craft that he recently went on a trip across the wintery North sea in a cargo ship – all to develop his live show for the upcoming Alpe Lusia tour this April.

For the recording of his fourth album on Diynamic, Stimming travelled to a remote hut in the Italian Alps in isolation. Stimming is well known for his love of sampling and live field recordings, none of which he ever uses twice. Perhaps one of Stimming’s other most characteristic features is his classical training – he once reworked his track ‘November Morning’ into a classical arrangement, with the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester performing and recording the result.

With a worldwide tour of his new live show on the horizon, Stimming is ready to introduce audiences to his way of doing things. ‘Alpe Lusia’ LP will be available via Diynamic April 29th 2016.

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