Infinite Depth welcomes another Dutch talent, who goes by the name of Stoac. His ‘Naked Eyes’ EP includes four tensive originals, which are pretty diverse, but with a strong characteristic use of percussion, atmospheric elements and synths. For sure he is bringing something new to the table.

The opener of the EP is titled ‘Within’ and immediately shows the tension Stoac manages to build throughout his tracks. A repeating one-shot synth goes on for almost the full arrangement and only gets interrupted once. Together with the tribal elements, it brings you into hypnosis, in which all the different background sounds coming to the front.

The title track ‘Naked Eyes’ is one of those tracks which is building towards one burst of energy. An impressive main synth is coming through more and more throughout the first part of the track, guided by a rising detuned pad. In the break the build-up towards this burst becomes very intense when a bassline crawls up to that one moment.

After the energy of the previous track, it’s time for a key track on this EP and it’s named ‘Reaching’. The beginning is somewhat dry, but at the first drop everything turns around, from where the journey starts. This journey shows you a very emotive side of synthwork in which a pluck and piano are communicating together. At some points they are reaching each other and sometimes they are reaching a high state of emotiveness their selves.

The final one of the EP is called ‘Terrestrial’. Stoac’s characteristic use of percussion is perfectly present in this track. A lot different panned sharp percs, hats and snares are all over the place, but its forming a great groove together with the short and growling bassline. On top of this groove a heavy detuned synth is making this track mysterious and interesting at the same time.


Stoac – Reaching [Infinite Depth]
A3]  Reaching
Release Date: 08-07-2022 // Buy here


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