80’s acid feels and a wobbly bassline. Thorsteinssøn premieres his new track ‘Model999’.

Better known as one half of 76-79 with Tommy Vicari Jnr and bossman at Comfortable Records, the Denmark  bread Gunnar Thor Viggosson is also knows as Thorsteinssøn. For a country that boasts simplicity and minimalism, the sounds that Thorsteinssøn producers depict a form of rebellion and connote exactly the opposite.

Whilst living in Holland’s very own creative hub that is Amsterdam, the producer conjured up a a masterplan from being inspired whilst working for Solar Industry Radio. His time here had him working on a project that operated backwards, but not in terms of productivity. Beginning with a pseudo-name, followed by the artwork, the music was then inspired and cultivated to represent the starting point. Working in a different format enabled the artist to explore and interoperate styles freely, allowing him to produce the seamless synths and funky combinations he does today.

His ability to infuse different sounds and genres is somewhat a skill that few and far between are able to master. Ahead of his new LP ‘Academy of Heroes’ on Pets Recordings, a label owned by Catz N’ Dogz. he gives us a snippet of what to expect from the cosmic fuelled album.

The album is available to buy on 4th November. Buy – Digi / Vinyl

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