Tiefschwarz & Ruede Hagelstein premiere their new track Jetlag. A track that boasts a hectic distortion with an industrial feel on Re.You’s concept YOUNION.

Today Re.You returns with the second YOUNION  document and features two of his old friends who are partially responsible for some of his success today. Brother’s from Stuttgart, Tiefschwarz provided him with his debut EP back in 2010. The Stuttgart duo team up with old friend and Berlin veteren Ruede. Between them they have released on labels such as Watergate, Noir and Souvenir Music.

The YOUNION compilation features a very unique stance. This could be because contrary to most artists, Re.You is one that begun with live performances and has worked his way backwards towards the turntables. Earlier in his career, Re.You was the victim of a bad knee injury which meant that his previous dedication to basketball had to come to an unwanted halt. Instead his time was invested into something equally productive allowing him to develop the unique producer he is today.  His earlier solo productions have been featured on the likes of Sven Väth‘s ‘Sound of The Season Compilation‘, as well as having releases on Cocoon. A few years on and his releases are featured on equally distinct labels that really exemplify his diverse capabilities.

Today’s track hosts a very niche concoction of techniques and sounds. The whole track takes you on a journey of distortion which resembles its name perfectly. The winy melody feels like an impulse that connotes a feel of unconscious negligence, although evident that the track has been well thought out.

Jetlag will be released on YOUNION from December 13th.

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