Totoray is the new project of Toto Chiavetta and Coloray, who joined forces to create a mixture of two radically different styles. Toto’s futuristic approach to sound design and Coloray’s raw and direct style in vocals and synths results in a mixture of club, pop, and wave music that neither feels at home in the past, present, or future. It’s two different worlds colliding, resulting in something that feels fresh and interchanges the specialties of both artists. 

Both tracks were produced in a period of 6 months, with many tracks not making the cut. “It was interesting not to only work on vocals, but also on the productional side of things. I’ve learned a lot from Toto, since he’s a wizard in this field. We’d talk hours about frequencies, plugins, hardware, and mixing.”, says Coloray.

Everlasting Movements” starts of raw, with a huge vocal and lead taking the center stage. “We had a couple of sketches in the early beginning, ranging from very soft intimate music to music that was more intense. Every time Ray sent an idea it was so catchy that it got stuck in my head for hours on end. When we had Everlasting Movement we knew it was a winner”, says Toto Chiavetta.

“The process was very natural, us coming from different worlds actually made the whole process much more fun and fluid because we didn’t sit on each other’s chair. There was a respect for each other since the beginning” Toto adds.

B-side “Until the End” goes deeper into songwriting and indie sounds, wrapped in an aesthetic inspired by the club. It comes with a great remix by Musucumeci, known from his standout track “Pawn Storm” on Innervisions.

“Everlasting Movement / Until the End” will be released on Interlight, the collaborative label between Borders of Light and Intercept. The label is distributed by Muting The Noise.

We are happy to share the full version of ‘Everlasting Movement’, a spectacular track from these two musical masterminds. We’ll surely be playing this often in our office and living room while dancing.

Totoray – Everlasting Movement / Until the End [Interlight]
Release Date: 01-05-2020 // Buy Here

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