Canadian label Solar Phenomena has been on a rich form of late, with music by the likes of STL, Echoplex and Achim Maerz quickly marking them out as discerning purveyors of quality house and techno sounds.

Their latest is another statement of intent, and comes at us here via Irish producer Eddie Reynolds, best known as TR One. A dab hand when it comes to laying down intricate and always well thought-out tracks, Reynolds’ talents have brought him to a range of similarly-inclined labels over the years, not least Pogo, Apartment, Lunar Disko and most recently, Don’t Be Afraid.

The Swim Meet EP sees Reynolds lay down three originals and also includes a remix from Dublin-based Italian, Lerosa. Lerosa adds a heightened sense of drama via his interpretation, the likes of which prove a fine accompaniment to the original’s charms.

“The Swim Meet EP” is available 15 January on Solar Phenomena

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