After the success of ‘Everything You Say’, Yes Father (aka Dino Lenny and Francesco Farfa) returns to Roam Recordings with another big single ‘1969’, backed by Italian cohorts Marvin & Guy.

The Dino Lenny and Francesco Farfa mix is a full powered belter with a melodic twist and turns to balance out the gritty interludes through the track. The Marvin & Guy Dub mix is a trippy take on the original with hypnotic synths and congas floating over a quirky bassline.

Yes Father – 1969 EP [Roam Recordings]
1. Yes Father – 1969 (Dino Lenny & Francesco Farfa Mix)
2. Yes Father – 1969 (Marvin & Guy Dub Mix)
Release Date: 23-10-2020 // Buy here