Canadian producer Eekkoo premieres his new track Nightingale today. Nightingale is the title track of his EP, that consists of 3 tracks each hosting a delicate touch combined with powerful basslines.

Montereal’s own, Eekkoo, is lining himself up to finish a monumental year.  The DJ/Producer’s past as working as a sound engineer is probably what allows the producer to create consistently diverse sounds that never fall out of place nor lose sight.

2014 marked a pivotal moment in his musical career. His 5 track compilation ‘Hell Is Other People’ absolutely smashed the iTunes and Beatport charts resulting in being accredited within the top 25 dance releases of the year by iTunes. Continuing his quest to deliver productions that Eekkoo likes himself rather than producing to the masses, his work has been recognized and dropped by artists such as Nick Warren, Alex Niggemann and Lane 8.

Eekkoo has since widened his delivery horizons and has also begun to play at a number of different festivals since his arrival onto the scene. He has graced the stages at Astroplosis and HARD, as well as taking things to the next level on rooftops across Montreal.

Today’s premiere really delivers us a taste of Eekkoo’s refined and professional take on his sound. The track begins with a soft and somewhat majestic melody that unexpectedly deviates into something darker. The ability to juxtapose two very different sound concepts is very enticing within the track, especially as it works so well. Overall the track achieves a very quirky feel to it whilst also retaining its potential to be a thumping club track.

Nightingale will be available on Vivrant on December 5th.

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