Diynamic, the Hamburg based label is coming back 15th of October, for the biggest family reunion in Electronic music scene, Amsterdam Dance event and will be hosting a showcase in a three-room-connected art film studio Mediahaven to fit 14 performers, among them names such as Adriatique, Magdalena, Johannes Brecht, H.O.S.H. and Solomun himself, 5 of whom are playing live. 

The history of Diynamic started with Solomun and Adriano Trolio in Hamburg, almost ten years ago. Nowadays the label has collected quite a few of world renowned and breaking-through names under their roof. Among them, the label is bringing H.O.S.H.Magdalena, Johannes BrechtKollektiv TurmstrasseStimmingKarmon, NNTFOOst & KjexThyladomid,Dj PhonoUndercattRoberto Calzetta & Twin Soul to Mediahaven, with its 12-meter ceiling amphitheatre, plus an underground car park in the basement with a very grungy warehouse feel to it.

ADE is often referred to as the New Year of the dance music industry, where everyone is coming back from where they have lost and found themselves throughout the year. So are the guys of Diynamic. After this year’s leap, including performances at the stage of Burning man, the first lady of the label Magdalena will be returning from the closing of the Ibiza season together with the head of the label, Solomun himself. Talking of Solomun, the man needs no further introduction, and a certain anticipation for his DJ performance as he can tap into the crowd as not many can. Exactly one year ago our editor we issued an exciting exclusive interview with the head honcho of Diynamic.

One of dance music’s most beloved and booming duos, the two Adrians of Adriatique are coming back after visiting the Netherlands not too long ago, when the two made a memorable five-hour performance in Amsterdam’s Marktkantine, which was reviewed by us here.

Not to one’s surprise, a live performance prepared for the occasion by one of the latest additions to the team, Johannes Brecht, who is known for his elaborate productions. One of them, Enjoy the Void, DHA issued as the #02 of the releases of last year’s December. So far, the musician was mostly known as the person behind the productions of Henrik Schwarz’ outstanding album “Instruments”. So is Hamburg’s man of the moment, Martin Stimming, recognized by his last name and his soundfreaky productions, some of which one could hear in his unique mixtape he prepared for DHA. Both the latter and our own Dutch deep house star Karmon, have taken a creative break and dipped their toes deeply into the production process and are only making their return for this event.

Coming with fresh productions are H.O.S.H., NTFO and Ost & Kjex. Referred as one of Hamburg’s key dance music personas and the showpiece of Diynamic, H.O.S.H., real name Holger Behn, aside opening his own club Villa Nova this year, has just released four different remixes and his very own three-tracker “Cilantro EP”. His contributors of the “Cash the Chord EP”, the duo from Romania, NTFO, has just released their latest “Caengai EP” on their own label Jargon. Another duo of the label, Ost & Kjex from Norway, believe it or not, debuted with an album based solely on sounds from cheese and biscuits will be dropping their third album already, “Freedom Wig”, a few days after the event. The duo is about to perform live at the showcase, hopefully, including cheese and biscuits among their DJ equipment.

Another two live performances are expected by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, whose “Sorry I Am Late” became one of the desired tracks of the summer of 2015, and the two locals from the south of the Netherlands, Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul, (mixtape).

All in all enough to be seen and heard on the Diynamic showcase at Loveland’s exclusive ADE venue Mediahaven on Thursday the 15th of October.


Solomun | Adriatique | Kollektiv Turmstrasse live | H.O.S.H. | Stimming live | Karmon | NTFO | Thyladomid | Ost & Kjex live | Magdalena | Johannes Brecht live | Dj Phono | Undercatt and Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul live |

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