With a myriad transformational festivals emerging these days promising to provide a spiritual awakening or to change your outlook on life, one such festival promises none of that but still purveys the ethos of Burning Man and the whole bohemian lifestyle that is so trendy these days.

Organized by the infamous BangOn!NYC crew and entering into it’s 3rd year, Elements Music & Arts Festival in Brooklyn, New York takes place at an industrial location in Red Hook and celebrates what the earth is made of – a fast paced, ever growing, ever changing, evolving environment that is full of thrills and surprises. If you want to do yoga on the beach or stare off into the sunset, then this might not be the festival for you. If you want to attend a no holds bar, fun filled extravaganza then Elements is action packed and full of awe-inspiring entertainment.

Elements Music & Arts Festival will play host to 5 stages representing each of the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and the fifth element. Death-defying aerial assaults by dazzling acrobats, seasoned fire breathers that mimic demons of folklore, mesmerizing art cars paired up with a circus brigade will make this an unforgettable event. 3D projection and aerial video mapping by House of Yes and Vision District as well as performances by Team Kitty Koalition and immersive art and theater by Houseworld and Strangeways will simply be the icing on the cake. Last but not least, Red Bull sensation Steve Lafferty will stupefy those present and make history by soaring through the air after catching waves on the industrial Brooklyn waterfront on his wakeboard!

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Gramatik and Klingkade will top the bill of this art, sports, and music festival that will also see the likes of Claptone, Mija, and Ghastly. Blond:ish, Le Youth, Justin Jay, Mat.Joe, YokoO, Oona Dahl, Nicolas Matar, Alex English will also be seen on the bill as well as the Desert Hearts family including Lee Reynolds, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop on the 5th Element Stage. Girls & Boys NYC will play host to the Earth Stage, while Mixmag the Water Stage, and ZERO the Air Stage.

13 August | Elements Music & Arts Festival | Tickets | Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

words by Saxe Coulson