Amsterdam’s Project Sugar brings their biggest event to date to celebrate the incoming New Year.

With Guti, Mees Dierdorp, and residents, Cesan Buček, Thara Bergen en Stefan Kuipers, Project Sugar are themselves wrapping up a stellar year; one that has seen several Flashmob label nights, as well as Ellen Alien‘s massive ADE celebration, DJ W!LD, Luna City Express, and more. On this night, Sugarfactory will go above and beyond with extra space, decoration and flare.

Musically, Argentina’s Guti will bring his always in demand live set, one which has made him a Desolat staple, while Germany’s Mees Dierdorp brings the deep, melodic sounds as only a bonafide Circoloco resident can do.


31 December | Project Sugar NYE | Tickets | Sugarfactory