Oranjebloesem Festival takes place at Amsterdam’s city beach location Blijburg, and will see world renowned acts in the form of KiNK (live), Âme (live), Optimo, Ata Kak, Bicep, Barnt, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Beesmunt Soundsystem and more play across 4 different stages.

We catch up with the team to find out a bit more.

“We’re not the most patriotic country, but we know what to do when a nationwide free day is offered to us!”

Who is involved with Oranjebloesem, how many people, and what do they all do?
OB is an initiative by two Amsterdam based promoters: NGHTDVSN & Next Monday’s Hangover. Behind the scenes we are a sizeable team of around 15 people, and we do everything ourselves. From booking the programme to the event production, it’s all made in house and with love.

Whose idea was it originally, what was the concept and the plan from the start?
King’s Day has a long standing tradition in Holland as a day to go out and dance on the streets. The plan, from the very start, was to offer a quality underground music alternative to all the small down-town events going on with anything from pop to schlager music. We started with one stage with Tale of Us and David August in 2014 and grew from there!

How hard was it to get it going and started? What were the key things you wanted to nail from the off?
We had some experience with other festivals before launching Oranjebloesem, so we didn’t start from scratch. We had the experience and possibilities to set the bar very high from the first year, which we did. Our core values are amazing sound, great programming and a good crowd!

Tell people who don’t know what King’s Day is and explain how big it is locally.
What better excuse to party than the King’s Birthday? We’re not the most patriotic country, but we know what to do when a nationwide free day is offered to us!

Tell us about the focus on live acts and why you like to have plenty as well as regular DJs.
Dance floor energy is all we care about, wether it comes from a DJ, an electronic live act or a full live band!

What informs the line up, who are the bookings for, do you have a certain audience in mind?
Contemporary underground music, for young educated people who prefer their music sophisticated and danceable.

What has changed since last year, whats new and improved?
Better sound, better production, added a stage with live bands, ordered sunshine.

What are the biggest challenges you face each year with it?
Getting a good programme together in what is probably the city with the biggest density of festivals worldwide can be a pain due to exclusivity deals all the big players have with all major artists.


27 April | Oranjebloesem | Tickets (9 Feb) | Blijbug Aan Zee, Amsterdam