Radio France, the French public radio broadcaster, which has been in existence for over four decades, has unveiled that it will put part of its unimaginably huge collection up for auction this summer. The bulk of the records are electronic, with many of them dating back to the ’50s and ’60 – a goldmine for any collector who wishes to expand his or her collection of pioneering electronica.

The massive portion of the collection is being sold because of plans to fully digitalise the analog collection. As deputy director of documentation and the head of Radio France’s discography Marc Maret told Trax Magazine: “This is not a dead collection. It is alive and well, is used every day, and is affiliated to a music platform that allows its distribution.”

Maret continued on what the 1.5 mln record collection includes regarding genres “An electronic selection has been present since it started at in the ’60s, but we prefer no style. Jazz, classical, rock also have their place in this sale.”

The first auction will take place on the 19th of June and will consist of 5,000 records. After which more auctions will follow repeatedly, selling more and more of the estimated total of 1,5 million they wish to get rid of. There is no option to view the auctioned collection yet.

There is however a cool video where we can see Madlib running through some of the records from Radio France’s backstock.

Madlib dans Radio Vinyle #32 sur France Inter door radiofrance