Marrying retro style with modern functionality, RANE has introduced a new two channel rotary mixer, perfect for audiophiles living in the now.

The MP2014 Two-Channel Rotary Mixer is built for DJs who love the classic rotary mixer experience yet refuse to compromise cutting edge features. According to RANE’s own description, the MP2014 is “a new musical instrument for the discerning perfectionist DJ who only needs two channels but requires the utmost in technology, simplicity, reliability, and portability”.

With a laser-etched Rane-logo wood side panels, classic spun-aluminum knob caps, 16-segment level peak-hold meters and back-lit push switches, the MP2014 sports a new compact size and shape for a rotary mixer, with all controls selected, designed and located for effortless professional performance playback making it portable and easy to move about.

Technically speaking, the MP2014 has state-of-the-art digital signal processing and dual 16-channel USB sound cards. An essential assortment of analog and digital I/O supports mixing vinyl, CDs and USB streaming audio in any combination. The device is a two-channel version of RANE’s 4 channel MP2015, and will retail for around $2000.

Find the full specs for the RANE MP2014here