Inspired by the punchy synths and guitar riffs of Van Halen’s “Jump,” Rao has created “Valen,” a versatile track that works just as well in a festival lineup or an intimate club. “Valen” blends Rao’s background as a metal guitarist with his signature style of cerebral, melodic techno.

The track’s structure navigates through a series of intense build-ups and cathartic drops, mixing distorted guitar leads with ethereal, pulsating synth melodies. This creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic, paying homage to the 80s rock era while firmly planting its roots in the contemporary melodic genre. The result is a track that resonates emotionally with its listeners, evoking a sense of euphoria and introspection.

The track is part of Rao’s “Synesthesia” EP, his first on Saint Vie’s Akumandra label, where he plans to release a second EP in February. Rao was most recently in Amsterdam playing Pleinvrees this past ADE and has multiple European tours in the works for 2024.