A record store owner from Brooklyn has created an all-thought-through turntable station that received generous support on Kickstarter.

As the store owners say, the idea came up while struggling to find a piece of furniture worth to recommend [worth recommending] to put the turntables of the customer’s of their record store. We all know the typical laminated multiple box piece from IKEA, that can be found in the majority of houses of music fans. Others settle with a custom made, but often way more expensive piece of furniture or come up with their own creative solution; the options in the market are not many.

The ultimate goal of LINE phono was to create a piece of furniture, which with would in every aspect serve the precise function of playing records. The turntable station consists of 4 shelves: one for the turntable (fits for most of the models from larger ones like Technics to entry level units like Audio-Technica’s ATLP60), two that can store up to 100 records or be used for larger amplifiers, another shelf for all sorts of accessories. The height, the functional looks (such as engraved grooves for album display), cable management – were all conceived from the user’s perspective. Whether the space for 100 records is enough, is up to decide by the user.

The price though is not as competitive as IKEA, it comes with $329 or $349 to choose one’s own colour.

Thus as we mentioned, whether this box will manage to serve all the needs, can be speculated. But so far, the $10,000 Kickstarter goal was overbid by 4 times, with 33 days still to go. A promising figure for the furniture solution.