Last October, the Amsterdam Dance Event was celebrated like never before. This year’s special 20th edition brought even more parties to the table than ususal, with many events focussing on underground music and artists. One event in particular, Red Bull Playrooms, had a very local focus on dance music, and brought artists together that have made, are making, or are about to make an impact on the Dutch scene.

Red Bull Playrooms is an ode to the history of the influential Dutch club culture. During this year’s ADE and previous editions, past and future in dance music are brought together under one roof. You can now relive the experience of Red Bull Playrooms ADE 2015, with the just released photos and recorded sets from the event, from the likes of Joost van Bellen, Mike Risk ft. Miss Bunti, and Nino & Frankie.

red bull playrooms

Check out the recordings of the different sets below. A little something to help you take your mind of the relentless banquets and alcohol consumption that goes hand in hand with December.

Red Bull Music Academy