Though a month has since past, the feelings and memories of the Amsterdam Dance Event remain as clear and strong as ever. With so many choices for fans and industry alike, sometimes the sheer scope of ADE can seem a daunting task to navigate, but that’s where we come in: to give you the best, most comprehensive look at the Amsterdam nightlife infrastructure, alongside its many International supporters, innovators, and trendsetters.

One such organization is none other than Absolut Vodka, whose first-time collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event, Absolut Nights Amsterdam, quite literally pushed the very boundaries of what nightlife can be. On October 17th, taking place in Amsterdam’s Tobacco Theater, Absolut invited ADE guests for a peek into the brands extraordinary world of creativity and nightlife with a day/night programme full of presentations, workshops, panels, cocktails, and, of course, MUSIC!

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By day, Absolute Nights Amsterdam acted as a haven for the creatively curious. The Tobacco Theater doubled as a meeting place for visual artists, DJs, and electronic music fanatics, each engaged in a consistent and rich dialogue on all things nightlife. Multimedia presentations came from Mr. Beam, whose hybrid animation/projection approach to visual storytelling has brought him lucrative collaborations from brands and DJs alike. The day also featured a lengthy panel discussion on the topic of transforming nightlife’s ordinary into the extraordinary. This panel brought together figures representing the spectrum of the industry, featuring 22tracks founder Vincent Reinders with Mr. Beam, Warp RecordsKazim Rashid, We Make VR and Ralph Lawson.

Also on hand, Groningen’s visual artist troupe Werc Collective provided an interactive workshop to guests in the midst of enjoying a signature Moscow Mule or Pineapple Pop. The group, who has worked with such forward thinking festivals as Awakenings and Lowlands, 3D scanned the audience, allowing the portraits and shapes to be integrated into the evening’s visual showcase.

And what a showcase it was as Absolut Nights Amsterdam and its many participants unleashed the fruit of their efforts when Werc Collective and the revered Dutch DJ Benny Rodrigues came together for an epic night of visuals, music, and the best cocktails in town. At the event, Absolut also showcased its latest limited edition: Absolut Electrik.

After a full day and night of expanding cultural and musical horizons, Absolut Nights Amsterdam has now officially unleashed the event’s after movie for another glimpse into the creative minds of the industry’s sound, visual, and experience artists, as well as the immersive audio visual experience that followed.

So, grab another drink and check out what happens when creativity in nightlife meets perfection in vodka: #AbsolutNights.

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