Movement is one of the hottest dates on the calendar for techno lovers in Europe. That date is October 31st and is the culmination of a week of events that boil over with one massive festival in the the vast Lingotto Fiere exhibition and conference complex. In all, 20,000 people attend from all over Europe and they are treated to top notch light, sound and heavyweight DJs. 

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This main aircraft like hangar is split up into different arenas meaning that you can dip your toe into many different styles as often or infrequently as you like without ever going that far. The main offerings are of a techno bent, but there are also some great house offerings.  Something else worth noting is the production levels at this festival (as well as the cultural offerings all round the city, the gorgeous architecture, the amazingly fresh food and more besides). Each stage is resplendent with massive LED screens, mesmeric lights and lasers and the sound throughout is spot on – every kick is weighty and meaty, every hi hat is crisp and clear. Combine that with smoke machines and the grand scale of it all and it really is hard not to be moved by Movement.
The hardest thing is deciding who to see, as so many big names all line up and often clash. We opt for Sven Väth, an always guaranteed party starter who knows how to get the crowd going with his big colourful techno joints and more naughty and playful curveballs. He really puts the sound system through its paces and elsewhere Pan-Pot also come correct with a magic live set that mixes technological advancements with great selections and plenty of live skills to leave us flabbergasted.

A most notable set from the whole event is Bulgarian KiNK, who never fails to blow your mind with his live antics. Over the course of 90 minutes he takes us on a trip though tough techno, wiry electronics and plenty of weird sound textures all cooked up on the fly. To break up the beats a little, we also checked out Apollonia, the famous French trio who served up a slick house set full of classic grooves and slinky synths, that work directly on your ass.
As well as the unrivalled musical offerings over this final 12-hour blowout, Turin is also a beautiful old city to be in, so it helps make Movement an essential stop off on any raver’s party travels.

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