Sunday had a pretty slow start as some bad hangovers had stricken down most of the festival attendees. At night though all that changed for the better as Gerd Janson pumped up the energy of the crowd with a fantastic disco set. Follow up was second generation Chicago hero Derrick Carter, whose equally high-quality set, filled with twisted house records, rallied up the main stage. It was Carl Craig, however, who got the most cheers that night with his incredible mix of north-african inspired dance music and straight up techno. During these final hours, the best moments of Oasis were created. The festival, which had been much more laid-back and mellow than your usual European festival, was now as energetic as ever as everybody gave it everything they had.

After exiting Fellah that night, it became clear that every village around the hotel had taken notice of the festival. Groups of youngsters were waiting outside the gates asking for cigarettes and wristbands, so they too could have a taste of what was going on inside the hotel. Some of them actually were smart enough to fool security and entered the festival.

Wrapping up, Oasis was a great festival experience to have in a part of the world that is left to be chartered by the dance music community. Oasis has proven to a great way to put Morocco on the map as an off-centre festival destination, as the event has notably getting a lot of traction on social media and online magazines, not to mention the word-of-mouth by its visitors and DJs who played. Yes, there were some beginner’s issues regarding the high prices, totally obsolete VIP areas and an EDM-like distance between the main stage DJ and dance floor. But if these can be taken into account for next year, then Oasis Festival has all the merits in becoming a significant player in the international festival scene.

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The Oasis Festival