Energy gel company REVIBE launches a new product for the music scene designed to help keep you dancing longer.

Made by veterans of some of the biggest events around, REVIBE looks to give back to the lifestyle, whether sat outside Sankeys, 19 hours into Timewarp, or stumbling home when it’s been far too long since you saw your bed, that’s where REVIBE comes in.

Their flagship product is an energy gel which contains carbohydrates (in the form of maltodextrin and fructose), electrolytes and b-vitamins, specially formulated with ravers in mind. Vegan-friendly and with no caffeine, REVIBE replenicious the body loses through dancing, allowing you remain fully fuelled and hydrated and allowing you to go harder, for longer*. Long established in the world of endurance sports, REVIBE has worked with professional sports nutritionists to ensure it brings all the same benefits.

For more information and a list of REVIBE’s full ingredients find at the link below: