Established in 2012 under the insignia of Manchester, Stem Records’ 7 releases so far have solidified their presence on today’s music scene by signing talented and well founded names like the intergalactic Legowelt, Nhar, Ultrasone, Ted Alexander or Life & Death’s Mind Against. Its owners are a duo from the Manchester area, Us & Them, that have developed a vision of a new psychedelic sound in today’s electronic music and so far their vision is right on track.

As for their 8th installment, Stem Records brought on board one of their homegrown artists, Agents Of Time aka Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo. Their only musical statement to this date is a single release on the unchanged Stem Records earlier this year entitled “Lost Dreams”. This time around the agents have unruffled out of their music box a series of tracks that immediately made us want to hear more from the Italian threesome.

Spread The Word” is a 8 track double LP that will hit record stores in halfway through May. The album transpires on the artists visualization of future electronic music whereas they express their love for ambient and psychedelic sounds onto a series of house & techno sheets. The outcome is one hour of story-like passage of fabled sound and space throughout and within.

Llawten, as the first track of the LP starts off as an epilogue in every book, lays down the groundwork for what is about to follow. The track is airy, whereas meticulous strings layer themselves across an analogy of bass cords creating a misbelief of a perfect world. Meanwhile “Stoke” brings a more vigorous attention to the whole ambiance. Layered on techno slip, the track is inducing a marbled yet mystical vibe to the listener as the track tends to come across as mind altering for its mass.

As a title track, Spread The Word is a more creative attempt of the artists. Their display of ambient and electronica inter-twines with the soothing vocals of I Read Wilde as the track enters a different sphere of influence as tension building synthesizers trip-out the listener in a venomous obsessive cycle where your mind tends to get confused either by calmness or being relentless.

After this psychedelic ride through calming pads and notes, “Still Enough” is another collaboration whereas this time, it features Flowers & Sea Creatures. The track is a numinous sound of electronica where the artists touch a glimpse of progressive & techno. With its lively use of the synthesizer and accommodated by swaying vocals that progress though the track, the song slowly builds as a slow burner. It’s mystical, referring to a long lost sensation of peace and calmness in a chaotic visionary world, and we like that.

One other track that leaves its mark on your ear is Armonics. It’s a perfect display of the use of analog sound and harmonics as clustering sounds overcome each other creating an analogy within your head. It’s meant as a dance floor track and so it is. The repetitive acidic loop of the bass only highlights the authority of this track.

All in all, the album is a mind blowing experience that we would highly recommend to everybody and be assured that after their debut LP, you will see a lot more form Agents Of Time.

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1. Agents Of Time – Llawten


Agents Of Time – Hutset


2. Agents Of Time – Stoke


3. Agents Of Time feat. I Read Wilde – Spread The Word


4. Agents Of Time – Alkatraz


5. Agents Of Time – Lost Dreams


6. Agents Of Time feat. Flowers & Sea Creatures – Still Enough


7. Agents Of Time – Hutset


8. Agents Of Time – Armonics