Melancholia (Original Mix)

Melancholia (Deetron Main Mix)

Melancholia (Deetron Club Intrumental Mix)

The Canadian Amirali, part of the Crosstown Rebels crew, has managed to pull it off once more. ‘Melancholia’ is packed with the melodic deep and dark elegance sound this London-based producer has made himself known for with tracks such as ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘Falling Down’. The name is chosen well, as the original track has an eerie, sad feeling over it. And even though one can argue about whether ‘Melancholia’ stands out in comparison to Amirali’s previous club hits, it is clear that this track is destined to be played in underground venues all across the globe.

The Deetron remixes are where the real magic happens in my opinion. I really dig Amirali’s tracks and they always work out great in clubs, but the original doesn’t compare to the insanity Deetron’s touch to the EP will bring to dancefloors. Whether you pick the ‘Main Mix’, which has the long lasting build up Deetron is known for, or the ‘Club Instrumental Mix’ which gets to the point almost immediately: dancefloors will definitely go wild on this stuff.

Perhaps the best thing of this EP is the compatibility between the original track and Deetron’s influences. Clearly made for different occasions, one will probably encounter the original track in warmer DJ-sets whereas the remixes will most likely be encountered in more uptempo performances. The ‘Melancholia EP’ is therefore very well balanced as there is not too much of a quality difference, something you often see on other releases. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with this one!