Amsterdam-based producer and house music entrepreneur Daniel van Drunen a.k.a. Anton Kuertz from the infamous record label Chasing the Hihat has just released a new EP. Morgen.ep 134 is its name and also contains two remix tracks from his homeboys ME.N.U. and Camiel Daamen. Together with his muse and vocalist Esther Milberg as well as Coen Gülcher on the electronic accordeon, Anton Kuertz can’t wait to celebrate his EP with the exceptional live ensemble at the EP release party coming Saturday, taking place at the new Doka club in Amsterdam.

The EP starts off with a mellow-funky track called Jungle Issue. After a spherical piano pattern, Kuertz introduces a funky bass line that somewhat resembles Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. By placing that bass line into a different musical context, however, Anton Kuertz manages to redefine this catchy early 80’s earworm. By using alternating piano, electric guitar strokes and gloomy synthesizer samples, Anton Kuertz unifies three decades of dance music in just one tune. The vocal message is as catchy as feasible: “You got to move, put your feet back on the ground” – the tempting voice of Esther Milberg makes it quite hard to resist that instruction.

The second Track Phatty brings a mystical gypsy feeling into the game. The foundation of Phatty is comprised of the usual suspects; a solid drum groove and a classy deep bass line. It is the sneaky clarinet that provides the track with its unique flavour by playing bewitched Klezmer sounds – which really make you wanna join a traditional eastern Europe wedding and shoot some guns into the air. Phatty is the kind of track you wanna dance to when your friends already left the party and you don’t give a shit about staying on your own.

The ME.N.U. remix of Jungle Issue is the third track on the EP. It sounds like a galactic space version of Anton Kuertz’ original track. ME.N.U. exchanged the more organic sounds used in the original with some more artificial sounding synthesizer samples. After a longer build-up than the original, ME.N.U. drops the bomb at 7:40. The overlapping synthesizer patterns make you feel like going insane and discovering the universal truth at the same time.

The last track of the EP is Camiel Daamen’s remix of Phatty. Compared to Anton Kuertz’ original version it is slightly more upbeat and one notch deeper. Daamen swapped the bongos from the original with repetitive synthesizer patterns, which give a sparse trance feeling to the remix.

All in all Morgen.ep 134 is an exciting rough deep house EP that takes you on a diversified musical journey. It is a clean production full of crispy snares and deep kicks. By reducing his tracks to a maximum of 120 BPM’s, Anton Kuertz managed to keep his characteristic solid grooves throughout the EP without appearing redundant or over-melodic.

You can catch Anton Kuertz spinning’ at his release party with the label @ Doka Amsterdam. Performing next to him will be ME.N.U., Camiel Daamen, Some Chemistry, La Vondèl and Hubert Kirchner, all homegrown artists, straight from our capital. So Amsterdam unite! And come to Doka this Saturday!


The Jungle Issue (Original Mix)

Phatty (Original Mix)

The Jungle Issue (ME.N.U. Remix)

Phatty (Camiel Daamen Remix)

 Anton KuertzME.N.U. | Camiel Daamen | Some Chemistry | La Vondèl | Hubert Kirchner

October 5th | Morgen.EP 134 release party | Tickets | Doka

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