Unfinished Business has hit the stores yesterday, and we wanted to find out whether Detroit Swindle’s latest production efforts have been worth the wait.

2013 has definitely been the year of Amsterdam’s very succesful duo Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, aka Detroit Swindle. They trotted the globe to pleasure crowds with their distinctive sound. This summer they have been frequently playing festivals all over Europe like Get Physical On Ibiza, Overground Festival in Switzerland, Straf_Werk Festival and Gaasperpleasure in Amsterdam and are now touring through Europe each and every weekend. I’m sure their booker must be running into a burnout pretty soon.

Their previous EP The Break Up had already proven that Detroit Swindle is more than just a DJ act. And this week Lars and Maarten released their much-anticipated follow-up Unfinished Business, under the Freerange Records imprint. The EP contains three originals and a remix and is all but unfinished. The cut kicks off with the title track, which lays the focus heavily on a funky swaying percussion pattern, and a repeating Chicago-style vocal hook. Drifting organ stabs make up the melody that doesn’t seem to sound either happy or minor, but damn catchy instead.

Next up: Under the Spell, is carrying a super tight rhythm through a strict marching pattern of the hats orchestrated by the rude kick that’s keeping those bastards in line. Soon after, the hook starts setting in along with the cool, mellow harmonics. It’s getting louder.. And clearer.. What follows is just an explosion nearly two minutes in, where the female vocals are crunched, nearly pulverized, only to land a drop that makes you pray to God in every language you know. It’s a banger, a classic, a revelation, a statement, whatever you want to name it; it’s Detroit Swindle in optima forma. It’s my favourite.

The CRUE remix is a jacked up, garage take on the first track Unfinished Business and is suited for the rougher (ware)house parties. It’s sporting a more dominating bass line and the vocals are detuned to sound less crisp and friendly. It’s a surprising, yet fresh and welcome addition to the originals.

The closing track is Woman. It starts off with atmospheric club banter and the same characteristic percussion style, packing more variety in the kick this time around. Every aspect of the track sounds like a grand finale, whether it’s the build up that makes you feel like you’re in a small stadium or the call-and-answer game between synth and the set of strings that is just meant to be.

Unfinished Business is made with an eye on the club and the boys have succeeded brilliantly in creating music that will fill and heat up the dance floor. The bridges are the moments you realize the power of Detroit Swindle. The way they build up their productions to the drops is sublime. Without using that many intricate special effects they know spot on how to make a track slam the hell out of you, giving enough reason to start taking over the dance floor with all you’ve got. Unfinished Business is available on wax and digitally since yesterday.

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Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Business preview



Detroit Swindle – Under the spell preview



Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Business (CRUE remix) preview



Detroit Swindle – Woman preview