When a fire starts to burn, it starts to spread. And in the case of Disclosure, it has spread like a midsummer wildfire. A few years ago nobody had heard from youngsters Guy and Howard. Nowadays they are one of the hottest house producers the UK and perhaps even the world has to offer. And as of June the 3rd, they have released their debut album ”Settle”.

It made me curious: these guys have mastered the art of making powerful house & garage-like productions, but will that make them great album compilers as well? Dance music in my eyes always has been a tricky thing to compile in an album as the coherence easily gets lost and therefore the album as an entity could easily lose importance even though its seperate parts are well-produced. So the big question is whether that’s the case as well with ”Settle”.

Let’s first start with the parts of the album. Containing all the major hits such as the remix of Jessie Ware’s ”Running”, ”White Noise”, ”Latch” and ”What’s in Your Head”, the album certainly serves as a good start-off point for those that are new to Disclosure’s work. As for the rest: all tracks are clearly Disclosure-made. Elements such as the distinct bells, wavy synths and catchy vocals are present in every track on the album.

That can be a disappointment for those in search of diversity, but I doubt it’ll be that way for the fans. They get exactly what one might expect from these guys, with ”Second Chance” and ”Help Me Lose My Mind” offering the most surprise. The first is a sweet break-beat lounge-like track and the second, together with ”Defeated No More”, gives a warm touch to the album with it’s deep-house-like approach.

The rest of the album has Disclosure written all over it: uptempo house with that typical garage touch that they reintroduced themselves.Pretty amazing considering the fact that these guys had never heard garage music before when they started producing. So even though my fear about ”Settle” not really having a story became reality, all tracks on this album are still a definite must have for house enthusiasts, and I’m sure they’ll rock dancefloors all across the globe. ”Voices” and ”January” (featuring no one less than Jamie Woon) are tracks I like in particular.

”Settle” is proof that these British boys have the capacity to capture a lot of energy in their music. If they also learn to put just a little more depth into their music, I’m very sure that the fire they have started in the harts of many will soon burn all across the globe!

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