Futureboogie is a label that has its home in Bristol, one of England’s most exiting cities for cutting edge electronic music. The concept Futureboogie – as we know it now – started off as a club night in Bristol somewhere in the early nineties and transformed into a fruitful management and booking agency and a highly regarded record label. The current success of the Futureboogie crew stems from the experienced Dave Harvey and Steve Nickolls who boasted ten years of experience into the scene when setting up the label.

Their first release dates back from 2011. Julio Bashmore set the tone with his iconic ‘Father Father’ 12”. After this release, quality over quality release by headliners like Waifs & Strays, PBR Streetgang, Eats Everything, Crazy P, Hackman and many others saw the light of day through the vinyl pressers in Bristol.

The honour for the 26threlease was given to Downtown Party Network aka Lithuanian duo Algirdas Miescionaitis and Mindaugas Lapinskis. This pair is no stranger at all to the deep house, garage and nudisco minded. With an impressive and excellent list of releases on (amongst others) Eskimo, Best Kept Secret, Get Physical, Is It Balearic? and Dirt Crew they set a solid mark on the electronic music grid since 2006 and seem fully comfortable with their EP forthcoming on Futureboogie in July 2014.

The title track Disco Ball Drama (love that name) is a straight up banger. A cut typified with its rolling bass line trademark added with a gritty acid-like feel. The track is 100% clean, fresh and straightforward. When arriving at the second break DPN introduces a set of flawless strings starting of on a low key and moving up a tone every couple of bars. The combination with a subtle opening of the filter on the drum pads makes that by the end of the break the synths are so high up the drop will bring every room to a higher energy level.

The runner up on the flipside, Keep On Running hits off with lingering bells and percussion after which another funky bass riff is introduced together with solid dark keys that give the track an underground feel. When break falls down, it consequently highlights in an extra synth getting a lot of delay and echo before they set their clean boogie-fest groove back once again.

To conclude DPN give us No Drama Afterhours. Compressed balearic and cosmic tones put up this deeper track of the duo. The cut is filled with spaced-out swinging disco drums that collide with catching bass pads for indeed those no drama and feel good afterhours.

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