Belgian label Eskimo Recordings turns up every year with records fluctuating between genres, not having a distinctive sound attached. That gives them the freedom to experiment, so their trademark doesn’t yet lie in specific sound, but in releasing prevailing material that is quite ear catching and tasteful. Standout artists within the label are Aeroplane, Drop Out Orchestra, Tiga, Hot Toddy, Satin Jackets and finally Eelke Kleijn. Eelke’s latest EP, Lovely Sweet Devine & A Tale of Two Lovers shows a different side of the Rotterdam-born artist. You can hear the full version of A Tale of Two Lovers here first!

Born in Rotterdam, Eelke Kleijn’s musical story started in early 2003 when he released his first record. Since then, his career took many shapes and sizes from trance, progressive, tech-house, house all the way to minimal & techno. Labels such as Nervous, Toolroom, Manual Music and Anjunadeep crossed his path while relatedly his tracks have been compiled on albums from ARMADA & Sony Music. Eelke embraces two albums and soundtracks to Hollywood movies such as: Wrath Of The Titans & This Means War, just to name a couple. A pretty good track record for a twenty-something.

His latest creation is a 2 track EP entitled “A Tale Of Two Lovers”, released on Eskimo. “Lovely Sweet Divine” is on the A-side. It takes shape as a movie-ending due to the progressive nature. Wavering strings push the track in a state of melancholy as you stay alarmed for a possible shift in the tracks attitude. The breaks within the track allow you to understand the direction in which Eelke guides his sound.

On the flip, “A Tale Of Two Lovers” compares and underlines the saga of one distinctive world by splitting the track in two equally measured times. The first half of the track hints at a restful and serene habitation as the listener explores the wonders of an unknown world. Heartening piano notes and the presence of a violin assure a coordinated cool as the track breaks. The second half displays the despair within an unknown land. A fastened rhythm and shivering basslines added to existing elements convey a feeling of deviation into a darker more sinister place, complete with snarling hits that immediately put you right up in your seat.  The track ends suddenly, leaving room for everybody to imagine their perfect ending.

In essence the EP is a jungle-like experience with too many existing variables, leaving the listener to interpret in his own way the story that was told before him. Both tracks aid to the dance-floor just as much while winding down in your living room. Enjoy.

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1. Lovely Sweet Divine

2. A Tale of Two Lovers