A1. Jump

A2. Purnsley

B1. Home

B2. Agent Of The Deep

I doubt if there are many more UK house producers that understand the current needs of house lovers more than EJECA. Being at the top of his game, his ”Life In Flux” EP is another one of his masterpieces. As he is playing this coming saturday at the Deep House Amsterdam X UK Sounds 1 Year Anniversary you can check him play the full EP there.

Starting of on the A side with the adequately named ”Jump” party starter, EJECA makes it clear that energizing the dancefloor is one of his key features. But where most would suspect the other tracks to be of the same level, EJECA surprises with his other three tracks which have surprisingly calm vibe. First off there’s ”Purnsley” (a word I looked up by the way, but found to have no distinct meaning). There’s really just one description for it: sexy. The wavy pad synthesizer, groovy bassline and soothing female vocal make this a great track for warming up whatever crowd you encounter.

Flipping over to side B, ”Home” made me groove with a grin on my office chair. It’s classical house sound is one I’ve always enjoyed since I first encountered house about a decade ago (damn, that makes me feel old). ”Agent Of The Deep” tops off the chilled-out style EJECA set with this EP. The drums are a little more appealing to me than those on the other tracks making this one of the technically more interesting tracks of the EP. Though it’s calm groove, the drum section is actually quite busy, a contrast I find to be a refreshing touch in a genre in which standard 4/4 drum beat seems to rule.

Though still suited for modern nightlife, ”Jump” is likely to go straight into the collection of a lot of powerhouse DJ’s, whereas ”Purnsley”, ”Home” and ”Agent Of The Deep” are more likely to be found in beach venues and lounge bars. Not that we should mind: summer is knocking on our door here in Amsterdam and these warm grooves make relaxing to ”Life In Flux” a valid way of giving meaning to it’s contents. The only downside relaxing lounge-like grooves have, is that they’re usually not designed with explicit changes or other surprising elements. Don’t get me wrong: EJECA did a wonderful job in creating a mellow spring vibe and it’s a genre I’ve always enjoyed when chilling outdoors but there’s not really much exciting to tell about lounge music because, well, it’s meant for chilling out!

Does that mean this EP isn’t special? I would strongly disagree. Even though one might discuss it’s originality, these tracks ”work” like hell and if you’re a classical house enthusiast, ”Life In Flux” makes for a good addition to your record collection.

Got excited? Come check EJECA and many others play Saturday 13th of April in Studio K at the Deep House Amsterdam X UK Sounds 1 Year Anniversary. Get your tickets here!