“Like bread and butter, milk and honey, Volta hits the sweet spot”

Who doesn’t love the 80’s? The Breakfast Club, Thriller, Beverly Hills Cop, Back To The Future, Madonna, keytars, wicked hairdo’s, colourful clothing, you name it and the 80’s brought it. It’s hard to name anything bad from the 80’s really, except for maybe Rick Astley… No wonder Eric Volta took the 80’s as inspiration for his brilliant floor smasher, Love Your Illusion. A self-proclaimed tribute to John Carpenter, Volta shows us again his versatility in producing.

The 2-track Love Your Illusion EP hit stores a couple of weeks ago, but the title track has already been creating a buzz around the world (even pre-release), promising big things for Volta’s future. It’s only been a month since Volta’s previous EP ‘Words and Chance’ was released, which generated similar great reviews all around. And now, with the release of Love Your Illusion, it’s safe to say: Eric Volta is on his way to the top of the game. This EP is sure to find its way into many playlists, iPods, smartphones… hell, dust off your discman and burn some CDs if you really want to be in theme. Volta has taken everything we love about the decade yours truly came from, and put it into 9 minutes of sonic beauty.

The title track runs around a central theme, which is equally recognizable as it is danceable, synth power all around, with the tone you would expect in any given 80’s classic. Set to a base track that does exactly enough, the track doesn’t make you wait for it. The extended synths at the start give a spooky feel, as if you’re up for trouble. Cleverly added background voices make you feel as if you’re in a crowd, headed for disaster. What’s happening? Volta’s happening. Wait for the drop, and let him BLOW you away. It’s the theme, the feel, it takes a hold of you, begging you to move to it. It’s one of those tunes that you’ll know you enjoy for a long time coming, simply because it works. Like bread and butter, milk and honey, Volta hits the sweet spot. One big ass drop not enough for you? Hold on, and he hits you again, even harder this time around. It takes true skill to put together a track like this, and Volta has it. Any tiny variation, added effect, it all adds up, and makes this one of the fattest tunes of late. Let me end with what I’m sure many DJ’s are thinking these days: thank you, Volta.

Let’s keep it at that, and turn to the B-Side with Master of Puppets. Here we have a deep, raw sexy sound, funky and addictive. A stringy falsetto and verbal vocals set to a groovy bass, I guess Volta wants us to make some babies… It sounds like a funky drunk train, the soundtrack to someone out of his head at a party, feeling sexy, sleepy, nauseous and confident at the same time. ‘Where am I? Ah man I gotta sit down…’ A bit more experimental in sound, it showcases more freedom in creativity yet maintaining an open feel. It’s just the right kind of track for an afterparty, an easy groove, a bit mellow, very easy-listening but solid as hell. It’s hard to believe the difference with the first track, and that’s exactly what I mean with versatility.

After staying in the background the last years, perfecting his sound, releasing tracks low-key and working with several fellow Berliners, this EP proves that it’s time for the world to meet Eric Volta. The man is ready for it, and the crowds are ready for him. Colleagues around the world know it, labels know it, Volta knows it, and I’m sure every day new fans will know it, shouting “Who the hell is this???” as they desperately hold their phones high in the air calling upon Shazam to enlighten them.

We are so proud, glad and excited for tonight, because Volta is on his way to Amsterdam as we speak. He’s going to set BEATCLUB on fire tonight, during our third installment of SUB/FIX. Make sure to come in early to enjoy the sounds of Milan Meyberg and Kevin Duane, who will be playing next to our Berlin guest of honor. Delicious!

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November 8th | SUB/FIX presents Eric Volta | Tickets | BEATCLUB

1. Love Your Illusion – Eric Volta

2. Master of Puppets – Eric Volta