What does Berlin do to a DJ? Many have undergone the journey, and it’s safe to say there is not one straight answer to that question. This dirty pool of creative and eager minds seems to emit a natural call to anyone that calls himself a DJ/producer. However, many have returned home with their tail between their legs. For Eric Volta and Sebastian Voigt however, it has proven to be a wise choice, catching attention from the scene through many endeavouring projects. Both started their career in London, meeting at the now infamous Lokee parties, which Sebastian founded and where Eric took residency in 2011. Sharing residency in Berlin nowadays, recently they released a collaboration EP called Words & Chance, starring three diverse but equally great tracks we can’t wait to tell you about.

The EP kicks off with the title track Words & Chance, featuring the talented Forrest on vocals. Immediately Volta and Voigt show us why they work together: what a sound… The spooky synths and echoing bass set the stage on this deep and dark track, which seems to get darker by the second. Finely balanced out, it all leads up to Forrest’s vocals that make the recipe complete. Halfway into the track it all fades out, only to slowly kick you back in your seat as you enjoy the solid groove put together. The base melody, the ringy synths, the swaying vocals, it all adds up to one excellent groove that can’t be boxed in category (like most of Eric Volta and his companions’ productions) Many an after will see me put this track on, knowing that maybe the body can’t take no more, but the mind sure can…

On to the remix, where the duo have let Visionquest’s Lee Curtiss does his magic. It’s obvious from the first second that the tone is a bit harder throughout the mix, leaving less to the interpretation and more to a solid beat. Curtiss has done a fine job indeed, giving the track a new feel that relies more on the rhythm section and cutting back on the depth and spookiness of the original track. A no-nonsense dancefloor ringer that does exactly what it’s made to do.

For the third track One Last More?, Eric Volta operated solo. His signature sound is imminent, with a more laidback percussion sound paving way for an array of melodies intertwining. Never overdoing it, the different instruments come together in a nice way giving the track almost a surfer-vibe. I imagine myself behind the wheel in a summer roadtrip listening to this one.

All in all a great EP, with diversity and danceability throughout. From the deep and tasty title track collab, the hardened-up Lee Curtiss remix of the same, out to the melodious Volta solo ‘One Last More?’, Words & Chance EP is yet another page in Visionquest’s Magna Carta, never failing to push electronic music forward into new dimensions.

Visionquest is present at ADE this week, they’ll throw one of the hottest parties around, Superpleasures, on Friday the 18th at Roest Warehouse. Together with One Records they’ve created quite the line-up with a mix of US and British artists. The presage is sold out, but we will have a limited amount of tickets available at the door. Make sure to come early and get ready for one hell of a warehouse rave…

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October 18th | Superpleasures | Roest Warehouse

1. Words & Chance (Original Mix) 

2. Words & Chance (Lee Curtiss Remix)

3. One Last More? (Original Mix)