Ellum Audio was initially set up as a way out for Maceo Plex to spread around his productions and what do you know, they prospered! Having accomplished so much in very little time, Ellum’s next step was to attain and sign new and unheard producers such as Good Guy Mikesh, Eric Volta and Odd Parents. We can’t help noticing that the process of A&R is rudimentary for Ellum, but having such influence on the electronic music today, it seems way too easy for Maceo Plex sign and kickstart a producer’s career.

To initiate 2014, Ellum drops their 17th release in February and this time around, as you would expect, it’s from an unknown name in the business. Mindaugas Lapinskis, aka Gardens of God doesn’t ring a bell except for the mythical analogy. But something that did caught our attention was the fact that he is hailing from Lithuania. It’s now clear to us that in the near future that particular country will set the tone for what will be innovating in the field of electronic dance music. Take for example Ten Walls whose production roamed all over Ibiza this summer.

This Ys EP is an ambiance of sound, chosen to expand on the core of the Baltic surroundings melding in house, techno and hints of disco spurring throughout its three-tracks. “Ys” titles the first track of the EP and as your brain goes through it, it awakens a sinister side of dance music, pointing your brain to the darker times of German techno. It builds up with wavy chords that contain the starting point of the tracks progression for the full 5 minutes until it reaches its apex. From there it continues on a more relaxed path in sound and complexity.

gardens of god

“Are We?” adds to the EP’s manner of destining sounds across a sentimental layout. The track adopts a linear form as jagged pads and an expressive baseline build up as an antithesis of lost & found. It’s a breathtaking story of some romantic pursuit that ends in an indefinite result as you recall in the back of your head that ever-familiar voice of Egle Sirvydyte. “Are We” is pure bliss.

The finale of the EP brings us “Apnea”, a dramatic ending to the route of our journey. A thumping baseline builds up in a more of a rhymed track with an edge of depth of how the sound should be perceived while transcendent strings overcome the sight of the entire track. It’s a perfect ending of this artistic creation and it serves as fairly on a dancefloor as it will lying on your bed and going through your thoughts.

In sum Ys EP or, “Ice” or “Yes” or however you wish to call this EP, preserves Ellum’s vision of developing and pushing forward futuristic music. It’s the perfect combination of dance & melancholic tracks that make this record a five out of five.

1. Ys


2. Are We


3. Apnea