Soul Clap Records are notorious for releasing tracks with a lot of soul, love and passion. Each new release carries you back into a retro universe where everybody can connect with the disco era of the 70’s. For the house lovers bring back memories of Frankie Knuckles or New York’s Paradise Garage. They’ve been doing this successfully for the past two years and it was inevitable for them to burst out and drag along with them new names like, Nick Monaco, Navid Izadi & Baby Price. Their next project is the Swiss Genevan Heathen, who has come up with a groove so suitable for Soul Clap that it was kind of meant to be. 

Their next chapter is cooler than cool. The Genevan Heathen is a young man who enjoys 80’s Hollywood movies, long walks on the beach, women, amazing women, women who love life and finally love. Stephan Armleder (The Heathen) has been part of the Crew-Love since 2012 when he took part in Soul Clap’s album “EFUNK”.

What’s special about Soul Clap Record ninth installment is that The Genevan Heathen cooked up a high end 80’s hip-hop infused track, while Soul Clap themselves heated up two reinterpretations of this bad boy.

It is not compulsory but it would be highly recommended to listen to Love My Life EP carefully while driving an old school Cadillac on the shores of Venice Beach. The multifaceted chorus brings vocal energies from Amy Douglas, showcasing love and life as he is enfolding all his sentiments into five minutes of soul. Although the extension of the original mix says “hip-hop” it’s actually, a more funk-oriented stew.

The guys behind Soul Clap Records spin things around their own way and bust open two dance floor and crew-loved missiles. They bump up the bpm, alert the tempo but they maintain and preserve the vocals. Their own herbs and spices are mixed in with the skeleton of the track and there you go, Soul Clap at its finest.

The first one, the Club Dub version, drives the mood and brings disco and funky lights into your eyes as it prepares you for six minutes of eargasmic desires as it is enriched with a fat funky bass guitar. The Toned Like Loc Mix assimilates with the first version, although the love for life is much more emphasized even from the beginning of the track with their screaming chorus. The tracks break into a guitar, sax and bass funk solo as it leaves space for the reappearance of the vocals as soda pop makes a sudden entrance in the track. After you have heard the end of the Toned Like Loc Mix you can’t do nothing else but to love life just like the artists want you to.

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The Genevan Heathen – Love My Life feat. Amy Douglas (Soul Clap Club Dub)

The Genevan Heathen – Love My Life feat. Amy Douglas (Original Hip Hop Mix)

The Genevan Heathen – Love My Life feat. Amy Douglas (Soul Clap’s Toned Like Loc Mix)